Oil-free Nitrogen Supercharger series

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Oil-free Nitrogen Supercharger

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Oil-free Nitrogen Supercharger


Working Pressure:2.5/3/4/6(Mpa)                           

Air flow:10-200m³/h



The nitrogen supercharger isof an all-oil free design. Its guide ring and piston ring are made of self-lubricating materials to help achieve 100% oil-free lubrication. Bearing parts are made of high temperature grease lubrication to avoid gas pollution in the compression process and ensure gas purity.

Microcomputer controller control. The compressor is equipped with alarm and stop function when the discharge temperature is high, the intake pressure is low and the exhaust pressure is high. High level of automation makes the compressor run more reliably. Data remote display and remote control can be configured according to customer requirements.

Application: This series of compressors are suitable for pressurization, pressure stabilization, power and purging in the process, and can also provide stable air source for power plants, food industry, medicine and experimental research units.

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